1. Together

From the recording 86 Bullets LP

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Gone insane from this life
Moving through our silent fears
In the prison of this world
With only one way out of here

Are you walking toward the light
Or lost in the abyss
Is there any reason for it all
Do you accept or resist ?

Travelling down this endless road of time
Seeing all the dreams in your eyes
We’re all in this together
Until the day that we …

You look for meaning in your life
But nothing’s there to find
Through these fields of fire
You are still searching deep inside

Beginnings with no endings
And things we can’t understand
Hope and faith are all we have
Right up to the very end

At the end of our time
When our life is done
And it all goes to silence
Will you look back on your life
And will you be satisfied
Or regret what should have been ?

You need desire in your soul
And passion in your heart
We get one chance while we are here
And it’s time to start