From the recording Animals and Angels


Hail of Bullets (Ode to Tyke)

Imagine just for a moment
What it’s like, night after night
always performing against your will
In a crowd and into the bright lights

Behind the scenes you’ve been abused
And beaten down into submission
Forced to perform unnatural tricks
All for the price of admission

And on that fateful day
In the summer of 94’
A hail of bullets
Took her down

This travesty is the circus
But the animals they all seem fine
They look so happy in the pictures
But don’t you know, it’s one big lie ?

We all want to see the show
But who’s show are we going to see ?
For they don’t have a choice
They only want to be free

Tyke, you know we never met before
But I hope that we will meet in the end
Things may happen, because they’re meant to be
Although your murder, we may never comprehend

You’re a hero to us all
You affected many lives
You may never know it
But your life and death were not in vain

Chorus (extra words)
And on that tragic day
Of what is not supposed to be
Brought the jungle to the ground

Hail of bullets brought her down
You brought the jungle to the ground