From the recording The Elephant in the Room (EP)


Reason to Hate

(1st Verse)
All I know is I don't want it
if that’s the way you need it
You twist and you turn me out of my place
You make me feel like I’m crashing down
You better get up out of my face

And I can’t deny
you bleed my soul
with the lies you’ve told me
The hate for you now
but’s that's only cause you’re still alive


I've got a reason
A reason to hate you to the core
you’re gonna break me
but I love you more and more

(2nd verse)
Hell has no fury like I can bring upon you
It’s all about anger and fear
Wait until you see just what I’ve been planning
Things are looking all so clear

You drain my life
and you bleed my soul with the lies you told me
The hate lives on
just to feed off the pain and you won’t go away


Forever echo the story of a man who,
was known for his word
Why do I always have to break you
Stand on your own