From the recording Agents of Absolution


Agents of Absolution
86 Bullets
A Beautiful Lie
© 2017

(verse 1)
Isolation in a crowd
the strange feeling of being alive
when all your fears take over you
You're paralyzed in the moment of truth
When we are alone
we have courage and the will to try
But die a thousand deaths
when thrust onto the stage of our lives

It’s a beautiful world
because that’s what we’ve been told
It’s a beautiful life
until you feel the twist of the knife

(verse 2)
Desolation in a crowd
and you know that you can’t break through
when all your dreams come crashing down
and your screams from inside make no sound
When you face the unknown
you know you have so much to gain
But to confront the eyes of a stranger
will often drive you insane

Every day we are one step closer to the edge
The sands of time will either heal or destroy
And if we could only realize and conquer
as it’s all just a creation of our mind